1. Engineering services: offering general and detailed engineering services for steel manufacturing projects, including feasibility studies, design, and project planning.

    2. Procurement services: The company assists in sourcing and procuring materials, equipment, and services required for the steel manufacturing project.

    3. Construction services: offering construction management services to oversee the construction phase of the project, ensuring that it is completed on time and within budget.

    4. Commissioning and start-up services: The company helps with the commissioning and start-up of the steel manufacturing plant, ensuring that it is fully operational and meets all performance requirements.

    5. Project management services: providing overall project management services to ensure that the project is completed successfully and meets all client requirements.

    6. Quality control and assurance services: The company ensures that all aspects of the steel manufacturing project meet quality standards through rigorous quality control and assurance processes.

    7. Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management: The company prioritizes health, safety, and environmental considerations throughout the project to ensure a safe working environment for all stakeholders.

    8. Maintenance and support services: offering ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the steel manufacturing plant continues to operate efficiently after completion of the project

9. We offer specialized machinery and production lines for rolling rollers and heat treatment furnaces.

10. This company offers cost-effective and economical proposals in the field of reduction of pellets and concentrates.

11. manufacturing of high-quality and cost-effective production lines of all kinds of billet, bloom and thin slab.